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Outgoing Individual Team Travel Assistance Program

pellucid travel is committed to working with teams and leagues of all levels to provide a high-quality travel and lodging experience that fits the individual needs of each team.

  • Negotiate and set up all hotel room blocks at preferred group rates anywhere worldwide. As a benefit of our loyal hotel partners, all teams will be guaranteed the lowest group rates at every hotel used.
  • No requirement on size of team or amount of travel. pellucid travel can help you book a single trip or assist with an entire season of travel needs.
  • We will provide your team with a time saving service through one contact for all hotel bookings.
  • pellucid travel can meet all of your teams transportation needs including but not limited to airfare, buses, rental cars, van rentals.
  • Our Staff has over 50 years of experience and we are committed to providing the highest quality service at no charge to your organization.
  • pellucid travel is the ONLY 3rd party booking company offering the ability to book at both Stay to Play AND Non Stay to Play tournaments.
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Joe Huber

Sweetlax Lacrosse

"Over the past 10 years Sweetlax has developed a great partnership with Laura. Her dedication to delivering a best in class experience to us and our teams is evident in all aspects of the hotel booking process. pellucid is truly an extension of our staff and their willingness to adjust their process based on our needs is vital to our success. We know that pellucid travel is always putting our best interest above all else and that kind of integrity is hard to come by."

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Kevin Leveille

Summit Lacrosse Ventures

At Summit Lacrosse Ventures, we’ve been operating events for over 30 years. Our intent with each and every individual customer is to provide first class service and high value from the moment a connection is made until we have delivered and completed an event. For nearly 10 years, it’s been easy to partner with Laura and now pellucid travel because we know that the commitment to each individual customer is there from start to finish. Essentially, Laura and pellucid are an extension of SLV and it’d be difficult to create a better formula for success than we currently have in place."

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Jessica Conley

Hampton Inn Henrietta 

"I have had the pleasure of working with Laura for several years and have watched her expertise in the industry grow. The honest service she provides to both her clients and hotel partners is admirable and hard to find elsewhere. I look forward to continuing to work with Laura and providing our guests with the hospitality experience they deserve." 

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Rich Mackey

Rochester Sports Commission

"I have had the pleasure of working with Laura as both a colleague and a client. Laura is a creative thinker, problem solver and always has the best interest of others in mind when making decisions. No matter the project we have worked on together, it is always enjoyable and more importantly, successful. If you are given the opportunity to work with Laura, I’d highly recommend grabbing it."

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