We have an exclusive recap of our team's memorable journey at the 2023 IMEX Convention in Las Vegas. This event marked an important milestone for our team as we dove deeper into the dynamic world of sports travel and hotel relations. Let's take a closer look at a few team members who attended this week-long event:

Hear what some of our team members' biggest takeaways are!

Jason Puckett: Our Director Of Business Development, Jason, led the charge at IMEX. He immersed himself in a series of enlightening sessions and workshops, gaining insights into sports travel trends and event planning strategies. His networking skills came to light as he fostered valuable connections with industry peers. Jason's favorite part of the IMEX convention was getting to reconnect with our contacts and hotel brand partners while getting their feedback.

Aaron Maciejewski: As an Account Manager, Aaron was on the front lines of our engagement at IMEX. He navigated a packed schedule filled with client meetings and partner discussions. His dedication to nurturing existing relationships and exploring fresh opportunities is set to yield promising partnerships. Aaron enjoyed getting to meet our partners in person and learning more about how we can continue to help and improve. During off hours he got to experience Las Vegas and attended the Michael Jackson ONE show!

Kelsey Fisher: Another one of our fabulous Account Managers, Kelsey, seized the opportunity to learn and grow throughout the event. Her enthusiasm and readiness to take on tasks were such a value to the team. She played a crucial role in our overall success in Las Vegas. Kelsey’s favorite part of IMEX was getting to put faces to names and meeting our brand partners. During her off hours she also got to meet Dave Copperfeild!
The IMEX Sports Travel Convention left an indelible mark on our team, with valuable insights gained, connections forged, and enthusiasm ignited. As we move forward, we are eager to leverage this newfound knowledge and relationships to continue delivering outstanding sports travel solutions to our clients.


Our gratitude goes out to all our team members who proudly represented our organization at IMEX, and to our hotel partners and clients who created an unforgettable experience for our team.

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