By Kimberly Pfluke, National Sales Manager at Pellucid Travel

All of us at Pellucid Travel strive to ensure our guests are safe not just at hotels but at all of your events. We have a great relationship and work directly with all of the major hotel brands. Getting back on the road and traveling again seems scary right now but you will be surprised by all the effort and safety protocols hotels are putting in place. They truly are going above and beyond to make you want to return sooner than later. 

First and foremost, the safety and wellbeing of both employees and customers is the number one priority among major hotel brands, such as, Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott and Wyndham. These hotels and various other brands have enhanced their cleaning protocols to help meet Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) requirements and follow state guidelines. Of course, hotels have had cleaning protocols in place prior to this pandemic but now they’re taking it further. Best Western Hotels won’t allow a guest or employee to access a guest room until it has been vacant for 24 – 72 hours. This helps protect the employee from coming in contact with a potentially contaminated area, as the CDC states that the virus can live on different surfaces for several hours.The Hilton brand has taken another step in their cleaning supplies. Hilton has partnered with RB the makers of Lysol® & Dettol®.  They’re using hospital grade cleaners, disinfecting high touch areas like electronic controls, handles and knobs, and placing a room seal on the door upon completion of cleaning and disinfecting. 

Besides guest rooms being disinfected intensely, all public areas including elevators, gyms, pool areas, and dining facilities are thoroughly addressed as well. You will find disinfecting stations with wipes and hand sanitizer throughout the hotel. Public area access will vary among hotels, so it’s important to ask when you make your reservations what will be available to you. But be reassured that these areas are getting carefully cleaned regularly and modifications have been made to meet social distancing guidelines of 6 feet apart. If dining is not available, inquiry if there are Grab and Go options. Many hotels have implemented this service as well as extending room service hours. 

Checking into a hotel has gotten easier. To help minimize employee and guest interaction or waiting in long lines, major brands have developed keyless entry.  Just by just using your smartphone and their app. No need to stop at the front desk. You can simply check-in on your phone, select your room and even make additional requests, such as, adding a bottle of wine or a snack. Hilton, Choice, Marriott and Wyndham offer this keyless entry option, also known as, a digital key, through their app. If you’re interested in staying at a hotel that offers this service, be sure to check their website or call the hotel directly for assistance with setting up the app and their check-in process. 

I certainly hope this information will be helpful to you when considering to travel again. Please note all information provided will vary among hotels and not every hotel offers these services or performs the same protocols. There is a lot more information available to you directly on each hotel’s website.

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Below you will find direct links to hotel chains and brands cleaning protocols as well as travel advisory information on COVID-19. Stay safe and well.

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