Unfortunately, points cannot be used for your booking.

However, you can add your rewards number to your reservation by calling the hotel directly after booking.

We have provided you an actual reservation with an instant confirmation number, so there is nothing else that needs to be done. Behind the scenes we cause the provider to re-validate the reservation and acknowledge they are prepared for your arrival.

Please fill out a cancel/modify my reservation form. Include your previous reservation amount along with your questions and our Customer Service Representative will reach out to you within 24 hours. Please check the confirmation and the provider's/hotel's cancellation policy regarding refunds. The policies are clearly detailed and closely followed because of our contractual arrangements.

You can switch hotels by canceling your previous reservation and making a new reservation. Please review your existing reservation to avoid any cancellation or modification penalties.

The deposit is included in the advertised rate when booking. The room rate at the hotel should be the remaining of the advertised room rate after the subtraction of the per-night deposit. If the room rate charged at the hotel is not the remaining room rate, please reach out to info@pellucidtravel.com.

Deposits are dependent on the event itself as each has different procedures. When you make a reservation, you will see all information regarding a deposit for the event you are attending.

There is always a non-refundable processing fee.

If a tournament or event is canceled, we will send an email to the group contact informing them of the cancellation and that we will take care of canceling all reservations on their behalf. Guests will not need to reach out individually as they will be handled by Pellucid Travel.


*Unless it is non-contracted inventory*

When setting up a block of rooms for an event, choose the hotel that best suits your needs and click reserve rooms. Fill out all team and contact information and choose how many rooms are needed for each night of the stay. Fill out the roster section with the names and email addresses of those with your team. After you click Submit Reservations, each email address you added to the list will receive an email with a link to go in and reserve their room with their details.

Please review the booking link provided and contact the listed account manager. Kindly provide them with your name, team details, the number of rooms required, and what event.

Generally yes, we do provide rates and breakout the taxes for your convenience; however, occasionally a hotel will not provide us with their tax information and therefore we are unable to show that information to you. If you find a hotel that doesn't provide tax rate information, please call us and we'll find out the tax information for you.

Our partner platform accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

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