How can I book after the cutoff date?

Can I book with points?

Unfortunately, points are not able to be used for your booking.

However, after your booking, you can call the hotel directly and add your rewards number to your reservation. 

I would like to confirm my reservation, how do I do that?

After booking your room on the Pellucid Travel site, you will receive an email with your Pellucid confirmation and details about your booking. When the entire rooming list is sent to the hotel on the date stated in the email you receive, you will receive a confirmation email from the hotel with more details. The hotel will not have your individual information until after the date listed in your confirmation email from Pellucid Travel.

I would like to cancel my reservation, how do I do that?

Should you need to cancel your reservation prior to the cut-off date, please reach out to info@pellucidtravel.com.

After the cut-off date, any changes or cancellations must be made with the hotel directly.

What if I have a question about the hotel I will be staying at?

The booking link you use to make your reservation will have all of the basic information for the hotel you are booked with. The hotel’s specific website will have more detailed information should you need it.

Where does my deposit go?

The deposit is included in the advertised rate when booking. The room rate at the hotel should be the remaining of the advertised room rate after the subtraction of the per-night deposit. If the room rate charged at the hotel is not the remaining room rate, please reach out to info@pellucidtravel.com.

What if I have a billing question?

Please email info@pellucidtravel.com with your name, reservation, and billing question. 

I would like to change my arrival/departure date

Should you need to change your reservation prior to the booking cut-off date please reach out to info@pellucidtravel.com

If it is after the cut-off date, adjustments will need to be made through the hotel directly. 

I would like to change my room type

Should you need to change your room type on your reservation prior to the booking cut-off date please reach out to info@pellucidtravel.com.

After the cut-off date, any changes must be made with the hotel directly and based on their availability.

If the tournament cancels will I receive my deposit back?

Deposits are dependent on the event itself as each has different procedures. When you make a booking on Pellucid Travel, you will see all information regarding a deposit for the event you are attending.

There is always a processing fee that is non-refundable and that is stated on the booking page as well.


Can I transfer my reservation to another hotel or event?

If you no longer wish to stay at the hotel you already booked please email info@pellucidtravel.com with your current reservation and the information of the new hotel you wish to transfer to. 


Do I have to cancel my reservation if the tournamentis canceled or postponed?

If a tournament or event is canceled, we will send an email to the group contact informing them of the cancellation and that we will take care of canceling all reservations on their behalf. Guests will not need to reach out individually as they will be handled by Pellucid Travel.

How can I enter a rooming list?

When setting up a block of rooms for an event, choose the hotel that best suits your needs and click reserve rooms. Fill out all team and contact information and choose how many rooms are needed for each night of the stay. Fill out the roster section with name and email addresses of those with your team.After you click Submit Reservations, each email address you added to the list will receive their own email with a link to go in and reserve their room with their individual details.

It's after the rooming list send date on my confirmation email and I have not received my hotel confirmation.

If you did not receive an email confirmation from the hotel for your event and it is past the rooming list send date, please send an email to info@pellucidtravel.com and state the event name, the hotel where you have booked, and your name.
We will reach out to the hotel to retrieve your information and follow up with you.

Why do the dates on my Pellucid receipt look incorrect?

The dates shown on the Pellucid receipt are the full range of dates for the event. If you would like confirmation of your reservation dates, please reach out to info@pellucidtravel.com.

Why won't my reservation go through?

If your reservation is not going through, try booking on the google chrome browser. 

Also if using a mobile device turn your device horizontally for a full-screen view. 

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