Hotels nationwide are experiencing some common issues. Our hope is communicating them to our travelers in advance may limit some potentially uncomfortable hotel experiences.
(Please note this is not the case at all hotels, however, we have had a lot of common guest communication and hotel brand interaction to support these findings.)
Linen Shortage-
All linen-related items (towels, bed sheets, pillowcases, etc) are on backorder without an estimated time frame for delivery. This is limiting the amount of linens available (ie: requesting multiple towels each day)
Please consider re-using your towels or swapping used for a clean.
Linens may appear old or discolored and normally would be replaced, however, currently there aren't replacements available.
Soaps, shampoo, conditioner, mouthwash, and other toiletries are on backorder without an estimated time frame for delivery.  You may want to consider bringing your own travel-size toiletries to be sure you have what you need.
Swimming Pool-
Many areas of the country still have restrictions in place although the state may be fully open. You may need to make a reservation to use the pool. Some pools may not be open at all, due to staffing, restrictions in their town, or various other related reasons.
A serious issue in the hospitality industry is staffing. Hotels are finding it difficult to replace and retain staff. This is problematic across the country in most service-related areas.  Hotels are open and running with a limited team which will affect service.  While we all expect great service every time, please remember we are all feeling the effects of COVID 19 within travel and know that everyone is doing their best under less than optimal conditions.
We are grateful that hotels are open and athletes have the opportunity to travel.    We prepared this information to give you insight into the reality of some obstacles the travel industry is facing and provide suggestions to ease any burden or inconvenience you may experience.  We suggest researching your hotel for specifics that may change day to day (pool/fitness center/restaurant restrictions) and prepare for your comfort as needed (extra towel, travel-size toiletries).
We are looking to the future with positivity!  We are confident in the hotel brands we partner with and know their standards are high for ensuring all guests have a clean, comfortable, and pleasant stay!