In recent months our team has been crushing it with conventions. Pellucid Travel will be wrapping up our fourth convention this year at the end of February! So you can say we are becoming experts. After attending United Soccer Coaches Convention, Laxcon, and Sunshine Sports Council Think Tank, our team has prepared some pointers for those heading to a convention and who are unsure of what to expect.

Tip 1: Plan your trip ahead of time!

Plan ahead as much as possible, this means setting up your travel accommodations and planning with your team. Do you need any collateral to bring, what is your goal when meeting with others, who do you want to see there, and setting up any marketing material ahead of time.

Tip 2: Buying a booth is not always necessary.

Our team has found that it can actually be beneficial to forgo the booth and walk the floor the whole time handing out cards and chatting with others. This way you saved some $$ and get to talk with more like-minded people.

Tip 3: Attend a social hour.

After attendees walk the floor and finish for the day you can often find them in a more casual setting like a happy hour or grabbing food where conversation can be more relaxed. You would be surprised at how many great conversations and even partnerships come out of these social gatherings. It takes the edge off being in this type of setting while still being professional.

Tip 4: Announce your attendance online!

Before any show, we like to announce that our team members will be in attendance on social media. Now people can make appointments ahead of time, you can reach your goal quicker, and it gives you a schedule when people do make appointments.

When heading to a convention it is always best to be prepared and work it well. Never forget to have fun in between though, a lot of the multiple-day conventions will put on exciting activities for everyone, and it’s a great way to amplify your experience. If you found these tips useful share them with someone you know who is getting ready to head to a convention!